Digital Delay 2-Stage Nitrous Relay Board


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Designed to simplify wiring and protect your car.

Simplify wiring between 2 Nitrous systems and 2 control Timers, whether you use a Delay Box Timer, or a stand alone Timer to activate stages of Nitrous.

Engineered to protect your engine if the Fuel Solenoid shorts out and blows a fuse, by shutting down the Nitrous solenoid for either stage.

For fogger systems, choose ourĀ High Current 2-Stage Nitrous Board.

Features & Specifications

  • 40 Amp relay outputs for each stage
  • Status LED’s
  • Fused outputs
  • Stage 1 Override push-button input
  • Purge input and output
  • Single WOTS interlock controls both Stages of Nitrous
  • Comes with 8 gauge power wire