FTI Level 5 Bracket Powerglide Long Shaft


FTI Pro Powerglide Level 4 Short Tail Shaft

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Powerglide Racing Transmissions by FTI Performance РThe Best Bracket Racers are using FTI level 5 Bracket Series Powerglide Racing Transmissions with Unbeatable Performance & Reliability.  Available in Standard Length and Shorty Length Versions and many levels of durability and design for racers with different budgets and needs.

BPG5: Bracket level 5 Powerglide, Long
BPG5S: Bracket level 5 Powerglide, Short

-Rated to 1500HP
-Aftermarket SFI certified case
-Billet aluminum valvebody
-All new internal parts
-Deep aluminum pan
-8 clutch drum
-1.80 straight cut planetary
-ERMET material ringed input shaft
-4340 material output shaft

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Powder Coating:

No Coating, Silver +265, Black +265, Black Chrome +265, Carbon Fiber +425