K&R Pro-Stage II Starting Line Controller or Throttle Stop


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The perfect choice when you need it all. The PRO-STAGE starting line controller and throttle stop combined as one. Extremely lite-weight to eliminate throttle cable breakage.

  • One cylinder used as the “PRO-STAGE” starting line controller and the second cylinder used as a throttle stop or launch controller
  • Extremely lite-weight inline throttle control
  • Remote mounted solenoids eliminates excessive linkage weight
  • NEW cable saver end eliminates throttle cable breakage
  • Full 2.5-inches of travel (allows full closure of all throttle systems
  • Quick release “throttle-ball” connection
  • Swivel adjustment allows part turn fine adjustments—you don’t even have to disconnect
  • Each cylinder adjust separately for the perfect RPM(s) desired
  • Operates most any induction systems, single Dominator, injection, blowers, etc.
  • NO HORSEPOWER LOSS at wide open throttle
  • Supplied with 10-32 Cable Saver coupler & 1/4-28 threaded coupler
  • Includes dual throttle cylinders, air solenoids, 1/8 inch tubing & both threaded couplers
  • Requires CO2 or air system—sold separately
  • 1-year warranty