M/T “Big Bubba” 35.0 x 15.0-16 (3197)


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Rear Tire, ET Drag, 35.0 X 15.0-16, Bias-Ply, L6 Compound, White Letter Sidewall, Each.

Mickey Thompson ET drag slicks are designed, engineered, and built for outstanding performance, run after run. They feature a 2-ply wrinkle wall carcass with state-of-the-art compounds for a bigger contact patch. Radials are also available. The special rubber compound requires less heat than other brands of drag slicks, resulting in better traction and faster times. Plus, you’ll have fewer burnouts and a longer tire life. And, because they use more air pressure than other slicks, these tires are safer at higher speeds. Choose the size and sidewall style you prefer for your dragster.