Ohlins Double Adjustable Shock TTX36 Series


Ohlins Double Adjustable Shock TTX36 Series

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Ohlins Double Adjustable Shock TTX36 Series 

Focusing on adjustability, durability and ease of maintenance, the TTX36 delivers the performance of a high-end product at mid-range cost. Utilizing a twin tube design with a solid piston, all damping is generated in the external valves. This means that the adjustment range is vast just from turning the adjusters, and yet if revalving is needed, it can be done without having to take the damper apart. Gives optimal suspension control.

  • Large port piggyback design
  • Increased performance and over restrictive hose design
  • Improved reliability
  • Ease of installation
  • BOB-R compression valve increases in adjustment range
  • Large reservoir for better cooling
  • 2-way adjustable damping
  • Quick response for best handling
  • Easy to dial-in, re-shim, rebuild, and service
  • Infinite valve and piston combinations available