T&D 3128-170/170 Aluminum Rocker Arm Brodix 3X Kit


T&D Rocker Arm, Shaft Mount, 1.70 Ratio, Full Roller, Aluminum, Natural, Brodix 3X, Big Block Chevy, Kit

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This 3128 set is specifically designed for the Chevrolet big Block Brodix 3X oval & rectangular port head. This set has a 1 piece intake stand that spans the length of the head. the exhaust stands will then attach to the intake along with the head.

On 2012 and earlier head their will be machine work required. Because this is a 1 piece intake stand a clearance cut will be needed to clear the exhaust pads on the head. 2012 and newer head will already have this done from Brodix.

T&D always recommends measuring for the amount of offset required for your combination